Letting a newborn crying is not only cruel but may be detrimental to health (VIDEO)

There are many reasons why parents and caregivers allow newborn babies to cry.  

Some say that crying is a way that a baby communicates, or that it develops the lungs, or that if the baby cries s/he will learn to sleep through the night, or has colic and cannot be consoled, or the caregiver is tired and can't hold the baby 24/7, or that if the baby is held too much s/he will be spoiled and will learn to manipulate the parents.

While it is true that crying is a way to communicate, their needs must be met as soon as possible.  Babies don't know the meaning of "manipulation" nor they are able to do it.  Crying sends the message that "there is something wrong", so there is a need to be met and the baby is unable to do it alone. Other ways of communication is sound, body language, etc.   Sometimes the message is as simple as "i feel scared and need a hug".  Use The Zaky to help the baby feel protected and comfortable while helping in his/her development until you have time to hold her/him again.

Before you get frustrated and allow the baby to cry for longer than a minute, learn how it can be detrimental to his/her heart and brain and hold the baby in Kangaroo Care with the Kangaroo Zak as much as possible, and use scented Zakys at all other times (scent them with the parent's scent by holding them on the chest or behind the neck for at least one hour)

I asked Dr. Susan Ludington to explain how crying may affect the Patent Foramen Ovale, who is at risk, and what are the consequences:


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